The power of the sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls is indescribably profound and alters our consciousness for positive transformation.

It not only can penetrate the body at the cellular level as transfiguration to ease pain, but also open our energetic body to healing, regeneration, and restoration to regain balance and harmony.

Shima Healing offers various singing bowl trainings, please read on to view the details. To ensure the high quality of our trainings, our courses are consecutive – meaning they build up on each other. 



Tibetan Singing Bowl Courses



the beginning of
a magical journey

(30 hours over 6 days)

This week-long workshop will give you the foundation to be able to use with one bowl of the Seven Chakra bowls for self-healing and healing of family and friends. You will learn the theory, techniques with ample practicing time during the course.

Prerequisites: none


Tibetan Singing Bowl
Practitioner Course

submerged in tranquility

(30 hours over 6 days)

This course is for those who have completed the Foundation Course and have been practicing Singing Bowl for at least a year. In this course, you will learn to use up to three bowls for treatments and to be able to offer singing bowl therapy.

Prerequisites: Singing Bowl Foundation Course & at least one year of practice.



Tibetan Singing Bowl
Advanced Practitioner Course

expanding to infinity

(30 hours over 6 days)

This course is for experienced practitioners. In this course you will learn to use up to seven bowls for treatments as a professional therapist.

Prerequisites: 2 Practitioner Courses, 2 years of practice and passing of practicum and written exam.





(1 day)

This is a short course for experienced holistic practitioners and teachers of different modalities. There are three different elective paths, each one dedicated to practitioners of a chosen modality – please choose yours on the right.

Prerequisites: Foundation Course


>> Please contact us for enquiry / dates


For Yoga and Meditation Teachers: The society is producing many yoga teachers. If you would wish to gain unique yet powerful skills to share and also differentiate yourself from regular Asana classes, this may be the class for you. The Centre’s singing bowl classes not only focus on the bells and bowls but also give you a very solid background in yogic practices. Nada Yoga is the flow of sound yoga in ancient traditions. You will learn how to incorporate sound into your daily practices either internally or externally.

For Energy Workers: When combining with bowls and energy together, it allows us to relax deeply and help give us gain clarity. The sound and the energy will guide you and facilitate the healing process. This course also covers preparation with Singing Bowl sound, beginning and ending the session with bowls and Tingsha, the Tibetan bells.

For Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists Many leading Spas are using Tibetan Singing Bowls at the beginning of massage treatments. The sound from ancient bowls made with seven metals facilitates deep relaxation more quickly and deeply than any other modality. Similarly, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturist have been incorporating bowls and getting positive outcome with their patients. They are a great fusion of therapy with holistic approaches.


Course details for all Singing Bowl trainings:

Sample Course Schedule:

Sunday 5 p.m.: Welcome & Introduction
Monday - Friday: Classes usually are from 9 a.m. - noon, and 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
(times may be shifted a little according to group demand or weather conditions).
Two evenings are free (which ones will be communicated at the beginning of the course).
During each session there will be at least one break.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - noon: last class & farewell.

Program commitment / Tuition

Foundation Course: THB35,000
Practitioner Course: THB40,000
Advanced Practitioner Course: THB45,000
Elective Course: THB6,500 p.p. for a group (minimum two persons), THB12,000 for a private course

The tuition fee excludes transport, accommodation, meals, thai massage and/or other personal expenses. 


To apply, please fill out the application form provided for the respective event.
If there is none, please get in touch via email.
Registration closes 3 months prior to a program start date or when the program is full.
Your participation is confirmed with a 30% fee deposit payable via Paypal.


Participant Voices:

"Shima is a place filled with love, authenticity and lovely energy, I attended the Tibetan Singing Bowl course, which gave me insights to something much deeper within me. I became aware of the silence, peace and calmness in myself. I become more mindful of my thoughts and my ego. It has benefited me on all levels. The course was concise and yet descriptive. There was a good balance of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. One of the most interesting aspects of the course was learning to listen through all of my senses and not only my ears. The way this course was taught was amazing."

Kaka Singh, Sales Ambassador, Singapore (December, 2017)

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