Every meeting is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Ichi-go Ichi-e (一期一会 ) is a concept from Japanese tea ceremonies. In Japan, when individuals gather for tea, it is understood that the same people may meet again and again, yet the tea would never have the same taste twice, and the resonance or the atmosphere of the group would not repeat.

Whether this is your first time at Shima or you are an old friend, we are honoured to share this moment with you. We may have already met you many times at Shima, and will meet you again in the future, every time we come together, it is the most important gathering with you.

With this understanding, we invite you to immerse yourself in the many offerings available here.

Experience Shima Healing: get an idea of what it's like to do a training with Shima, take a look at Shima's facilities, read testimonials from our students, and see our partner network.


Our courses

Fun is never far from learning at Shima Healing. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or are completely new
to the world of healing, you will find great treasures and enjoyment  in the courses.

Shima Healing Facilities

Shima Healing is located in the heart of Tha Khao village on Koh Yao Noi, away from main area of the town centre and just a short walking distance from Tha Khao beach, where a handful of restaurants and accommodation can be found.

The heart of your Shima experience takes place at the purpose-built Shima Dojo. The Japanese word Do (道)  means “the Way”. Jo (場) means place or venue.  Every dojo is a space for self reflection, realization and self empowerment by walking the Way.

At our centre on Koh Yao Noi, you will find: 

A beautifully timber-lined Dojo where we practice “the Way”, equipped with air-conditioners and fans, large windows and sliding doors. A full-length mirror is lining one side of the room, perfect for yoga classes or dance training. There also is a separate therapy room for private treatments or practice sessions. Outside Shima we have a gazebo surrounded by greenery, where Thai desserts are served during breaks and local herbal juices can be enjoyed. The sitting area shaded by canvas drapes is perfect for journaling and reflections before or after classes. In front of the building, there is the Shima community noticeboard with up-to-date information on events happening around the island and activity suggestions.


We look forward to welcoming you to our island paradise and to accompany you on your personal evolution.


Among others, Shima Healing has been featured in the following publications:


“(….) Used for thousands of years by Tibetans as a way to promote relaxation, mental clarity and healing, a set of seven Tibetan singing bowls (each made up of an alloy of seven different metals and with its own unique tone to correspond to the seven chakras) are struck or rimmed to produce different sounds and vibrations. 

According to sound healer Amanda Ling (who’s also a yoga instructor, DJ and KonMari tidying consultant), this produces pleasant harmonic overtones combining high and low notes. The clash of frequencies produces a binaural beat of 4 hertz, which allows the brain waves to enter theta mode — associated with a sense of flow or a meditative state. As such, sound healing is said to be an effortless way to quickly enhance physiological, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. (…)”

Author: Tracy Lee, Photos: Elaine Yang; please also see www.alignorigins.com and floatyourboattherapy.com


Shima Healer Within participants

The Shima Healer Within is very informative and practical.
I highly recommend it to those who are new to healing as well as those who has done other healing modalities. Akiko is an excellent and inspiring teacher who helps us to go really deep within to unlock our highest potential.
— Yinuo Tian, co-founder of Yoga Heals, Singapore (August, 2017)
It is an incredible introduction to the path of personal growth and self realisation. I love the way Akiko developed it to put the power back into the hands of the individual rather than seeking external ‘help’ from outside sources. The location of the course and the chilled like of Koh Yao Noi in offseason is perfect, too. Thank you Akiko! Deepest love and gratitude for this beautiful offering.
— Alice, Kindergarten teacher, Singapore (August, 2017)

TIBETAN Singing Bowl course participants

Though this is the last day of TIBETAN SINGING BOWL FOUNDATION COURSE, actually I do not want the workshop to end. I am honored and privileged to be surrounded by true authentic master like Akiko and lovely helpful friends for 6 days. This course really expands my horizon and goes beyond my expectation. I did not realize that only one bowl can yield you that many healings and benefits for myself and others. The course is well-thought. It gives us maximum knowledge and skill in optimum pace.
The workshop is a mutual mix between theory and hand-on practice. Akiko is dedicated to teach us not only on the use of bowls but she and the bowl taught us to “live our life”. The bowls taught us that nothing come easy. Practice, patience, and compassion all count.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shima Healing School, Akiko and all my classmates for bringing THE BEGINNING OF A MAGICAL JOURNEY with TIBETAN SINGING BOWL to my life. For those who are working and/or walking spiritual path I really recommend you to embrace this course to your journey and it will make it goes a lot smoother with more value and meaning.
— Jittinan Nanthapaiboon (Bik),Thailand
For whatever reason, I was expecting that this course would be mostly for using the sound of the Bowls during meditation. However, the lessons on how to use the Bowls on and around the body was much more interesting.
It was a beautiful journey. Akiko inspires you to go even further and to continue learning more.
You learn enough in a week to keep practicing for a long time, even with just one Bowl, but surely after this course, you will want to learn more! Additionally, I would recommend that you try to stay a few days after the course on the Island to incorporate Singing Bowls with other healing modalities and to absorb what you have learned. 
— Maria, CFO, Greece (March, 2016)
It’s hard to put into words my experience on the island. There is a magical energy there and Shima Healing is a beautiful complement to that energy. I learned so much and left refreshed. I personally witnessed the healing power of the Bowls: My wrist injury healed completely during the course! Thank you, Shima Healing! I will be back.
— Emmeline, Reiki healer and actor, USA (March, 2016)
Taking Akiko’s Singing Bowl Level 1 Course has opened up a deeper understanding about how the Bowls work. She has structured the course in an accessible way: Concise yet informative. The copious amount of hands-on practice allowed one to have a multi‐sensory experience, and I
benefitted from understanding how to be the healer and also receiving healing in the process. Akiko is really patient and her gentle yet affirmative demeanor allows one to feel very welcomed at Shima Healing. I am very
much looking forward to the next level!
— Amanda Ling, Yoga Teacher and DJ, Singapore (March, 2016)
It was an immersive experience with a lot of practical practices to have your intuition and techniques as singing bowl practitioner.
Much thought and care is given to how the course is conducted so that we can understand the nature of singing bowl therapy and be able to practice it in a safe and responsible manner. Overall, it was a cool retreat set on an island with awesome people and rustic charm. Perfect place to heal, learn and recharge.
— Jace Loi, Yoga Instructor and coach, Singapore (March, 2017)
Shima Healing Institute choose the perfect location for this kind of energy work. Koh Yao Noi is a place close to nature and people are happy with their simple way of life. It is easy to tune into this. The atmosphere during the course and the deep knowledge about the bowls and compassion of teacher Akiko is a perfect combination and made this week a very special time for me. Thank you. I learned a lot.
— Katja Sen, Teacher, Channeller, Germany (November, 2016)
Attending the Tibetan singing bowl healing foundation course I gained a lot more than I ever expected. The location itself is already magical and Akiko is one of the most authentic and knowledgeable teacher I came across.
The high quality of the study material, the practical implementation and Akiko contributes to an inspiring and safe learning environment.
I will definitely follow some other courses at Shima healing.
Thank you Akiko for sharing your wisdom and you experience with us and making our learning journey not only very beneficial but also fun!
— Niki Fekete, Coach, Trainer, Hungary


I have been practicing and teaching Reiki for more than a decade. I had never heard of Komyo Reiki until I met Akiko 6 years ago. I found her passion and quest for the history of Reiki refreshing and infectious, and decided to learn Komyo Reiki with her.
After receiving the attunements and teachings from Akiko, I was finally able to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding Reiki. I also gained a deeper and more profound knowledge of the symbols. I realised I had found the purest form and lineage of Reiki and Komyo Reiki is the only system of Reiki that I teach now.
— Tarra Tae, Founder, The Akashic Light Academy
Since I learned Reiki with different instructor and different lineage, I found Akiko’s course is deeper in the way of understand the theory and technique, that made us easier to get on with. The structure of the course is like a journey, it is not for you only to learn the subject, but as healing yourself and learning new technique, you could understand and experience lots of thing beyond it as human live on earth. It turns out you would be more grateful to life.
— Renee Chan, Investor, China
A clear, well guided education course done with lots of heart, wisdom and dedication is very much needed in the healing and wellness industry.
— Josephine Ong, Yoga instructor and Reiki teacher (March 2017)
I took up to Level 3 (Reiki Master) from 2012 to 2013 with Akiko. My base knowledge of Reiki was from Usui Reiki over 10 years ago and Kundalini Reiki since 2011. I understood Akiko’s deep knowledge came from her quest and embodiment of many lineages. Her practical and concise manner of instruction helped me to gain a new perspective of Reiki as a form of energy work and experience the subtle differences in the modalities. Akiko is a teacher who is dedicated to learning and truly lives by the principle of Reiki. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn Reiki from her.
— Kaori Tanaka, Pilates Instructor
The balance of this course was just right. Akiko is always here to answer questions, so it is a deeply complete course with a lot of understandings.
— Michel Maeva, Singer, France
The course provides a detailed comparison between different styles of Reiki, it is very informative. Akiko is passionate in delivering the course content.
— Yinuo Tian, Yoga Instructor, China

Refresher Voices

The second time taking the course was like a “booster” that solidified my knowledge and skill set as a singing bowl practitioner. What was invaluable was cultivating the different dimensions of information which I wouldn’t have understood if I haven’t done my 30 hours of practice. I was engaged with the course in a different way the second time taking it. It’s such a great idea to do a refresher after 30 hour/ session practice!
— Kit Lee, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, sitsat Hong Kong (December, 2017)
Level 1 refresher course indeed added much value to the existing understanding application. The refinement of the skill and subtleties energies the confidence to further the practice. I appreciate the subtle yet amazing discoveries throughout.
— Amanda Ling, Yoga Instructor, DC and Musician, Singapore (November, 2016)
I can only say I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to learn from a master like Akiko. The content of this workshop are way more than just theory and practical training combined.
Akiko is able to convey how to truly listen… to the bowls, the other participants, and to yourself. This is as much about how to embody the practice and let your higher self speak, as it is a very thorough and sound education in handling and playing the bowls. With deep respect and appreciation.
— Nina, Designer & Yoga Teacher, Germany (February, 2018)

Partner Network

No man is an island. Neither are learning institutions and organisations.

Around the globe, Shima collaborates with healing and teaching centres to provide the best in class instructions to those who seek change. We all share similar philosophies yet take very different paths. As a collective, we are committed to total integrity and upholding the highest standard in healing and education. Below is a short list of Shima Healing’s partners.



The Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center is well known & loved for its Mindfulness Retreats and regular free Meditation Classes


Exhale focuses on igniting physical & emotional healing through complementary modalities like Yoga & Reiki


sitsat is a modern meditation space in Hong Kong where secular, non-religious meditations are held. sitsat's
mission is to demystify meditation, make it more accessible, and approach mindfulness in a scientific way. 


Institute SPER



Singa Satsanga, Singapore – – – Real Naturo, Ibiza