Reiki is a Japanese word that means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. Simply put, this ‘hands-on’ therapy restores our physical, mental and emotional imbalances into original state of wellness. Once you learn the technique on how to channel the abundance of natural resource that is energy, it will be with you the rest of your life as a way to heal yourself, to heal others and any living beings such as animals and plants. It is not based on a belief system of any sorts – but simply follows the natural law of physics. You can be a conduit of Reiki energy so long as you do your daily practices. One of the most important aspects of Reiki is the following principle:


Only for Today,
Do not get angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Work deligenty and
Be Kind to others


A few benefits which everyone can obtain from Reiki are the reduction of tiredness and stress, the relief of physical and emotional pain, the increase of vital energy and happiness, and the shifting of old habitual patterns. 

The Reiki courses offered here are practitioner training programs. To learn Reiki for your personal development and for self-care, please refer to Shima Healer Within™.

Available at Shima Healing are the following practitioner courses:

Reiki Courses


Reiki Shoden and Chuden Intensive
(1st and 2nd Degree)

This is an in-depth Reiki course held in a retreat setting. Upon completion, students will be confident to become practitioners. Daily morning meditation and yoga practices form the foundation of this program. The Reiki instructions are built on this cultivation of inner connection and there is daily hands-on practice in the evenings. This course is offered on-site at Shima Healing twice a year, please check our event calendar.

Prerequisite: “Chuden”.

Prerequisite: “Okuden”.

Information and dates for both available upon request.


Shoden & Chuden Condensed

Learn Shoden and Chuden over 12 hours in a group or one-on-one. This offering is focused purely on theory, attunement with limited hands-on practices. The course is also suitable for those coming from other schools of Reiki and would like to take the Reiki Master class at Shima Healing. If you like to gain more hands-on experiences after the course, you are welcome to come back to sign up for charity activities at our Little Elephant project on the island.

Dates available upon request.


Level 1: Cleanse and open the Heart, the upper three Chakras and the hands. Students learn a Mantra to activate Reiki energy.

Level 2: Cleanse and open the lower three Chakras and enhances the Heart Chakra and the hands. Students learn a Mantra to activate Kundalini Fire energy.

Level 3: Enhance all of seven Chakras and learn the final Mantra to heal specific issues.

Level 4: A teacher training to learn how to give attunement in a safe environment. Participants also learn how to create and hold a healing space for their students and clients .

Kundalini Reiki

This is a modern Reiki system developed by Ole Gabrielsen (Denmark) in 2008. It focuses on strengthening Kundalini fire energy through purifying all Seven Chakras by Attunement.

Kundalini Reiki is known to be a very specific and potent method of energy healing. It is often used for healing DNA and ancestral karmic issues, for improving physical health and enhancing mental clarity.

Dates available upon request.


Course details for all reiki trainings:

Sample Course Schedule:

Sunday 5 p.m.: Welcome & Introduction
Monday - Friday: Classes usually are from 9 a.m. - noon, and 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
(times may be shifted a little according to group demand or weather conditions).
Two evenings are free (which ones will be communicated at the beginning of the course).
During each session there will be at least one break.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - noon: last class & farewell.

Program commitment / Tuition

Reiki Shoden & Chuden (Level 1&2) : THB35,000
Reiki Okuden (Level 3): tba
Advanced Energy Practitioner (Level 4): tba

The tuition fee excludes transport, accommodation, meals, thai massage and/or other personal expenses. 


Please check the respective event for registration details –
either sign up via our registration form or, if there is none provided, get in contact via email.
Registration closes 3 months prior to a program start date or when the program is full.
Your participation is confirmed with a 30% fee deposit payable via Paypal.


Participant Voices:

"I took up to Level 3 (Reiki Master) from 2012 to 2013 with Akiko. My base knowledge of Reiki was from Usui Reiki over 10 years ago and Kundalini Reiki since 2011. I understood Akiko's deep knowledge came from her quest and embodiment of many lineages. Her practical and concise manner of instruction helped me to gain a new perspective of Reiki as a form of energy work and experience the subtle differences in the modalities. Akiko is a teacher who is dedicated to learning and truly lives by the principle of Reiki. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn Reiki from her."

Kaori Tanaka, Pilates Instructor

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