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Shima Healer Within™

Shima Healer Within™ incorporates all the modalities taught at Shima Healing. The essence of this course is to allow subtle yet transformative shifts in your life by using simple daily practices. 

The course runs from Monday to Saturday midday. It includes 33 to 35 hours of class time, and covers 3 key components.

  1. Journey

Each day, we visit gentle yet invigorating morning and evening practices. Each practice will be unique, depending on your state of being on that day. The daily practice may include:

  • Flowing movement through Yoga and Tai-Chi
  • Inner balance through breath and qigong
  • Stillness through mindful meditation
  1. Exploration

Taking the practices to a deeper level, you will be introduced to Reiki, a powerful yet subtle system of energy healing from Japan. This component helps you develop your own unique self-healing tools to use in your daily life.

  1. Insight

Your daily meditation is accompanied by Ancient Singing Bowl. You will also learn how to use one-bowl therapy and Tingsha for self-healing.


You can register for the course here:

Later Event: August 5
Singing Bowl Practitioner Course