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Regular & on demand Events on Koh Yao Noi

Shima Healing offers a range of shorter special events (public / private / on demand):

Reiki Self Healing Journeys:
The effect of meditation is often described as being in a blissful state, joy and inner peace. You can attain this state in many different ways and not only when seated in Lotus Position. At Shima, we offer our Reiki “techniques” on how to get into this blissful state. It begins and ends by reciting the Japanese Gokai (Five principle of Reiki) with experiencing the harmonics and vibration from Ancient Singing Bowls. Come to one of our sessions and find out! Everyone is welcome and no prior experiences is required.

Time: Tuesday from 20.00 – 21.00 (Please contact us at least 1 day in advance to save your space, 8 persons maximum).
Suggested Donation: THB400

Reiki Sharing Circle (Reiki Koryu Kai): 
If you'd like to experience Reiki energy within, want to give and receive Reiki healing and / or hope to understand what Reiki is, then this is for you! For Reiki practitioners from any school and lineage, and those new to Reiki are also welcome. In Japan, reiki private healing is a foreign idea. Hence, we gathered to give and receive in a group setting on regular basis followed by Reiju (attunement). Shima follows this original practices on this island.

Time: Thursdays from 20.00 – 21.00 (Please contact us at least 1 day in advance to save your space, places are limited).
Suggested Donation: THB400

What is included for both of the above Reiki events:

  • A short Reiki introduction: What and how is Reiki originally practiced in Japan

  • Temporary Reiju (Attunement) for beginners

  • Booster Reiju (attunement) for Reiki pracitioners

  • Yoga mat, pillow, cushions

To read more about Reiki, please click here

If you are interested an event please get in touch via Email.

Later Event: July 29
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